High School Internships for Teenagers

We all grew up thinking that internships are for college students only. But that’s not the truth. High school students can be good candidates for internship opportunities. Interning in high school can be a wonderful idea to have hands-on experience in the career domain you love. It’s always a smart idea to start earlier and get an edge.

  •  Interning in high school helps students to be career-focused and workforce-ready.
  •  It also helps students build a dazzling portfolio to stand out from the crowd. 

Are you also a high-school student ready to start your internship journey? No problem, we’re here to help you with everything you need to know about how to land a perfect opportunity while you’re still in school. 

How high school internships are important

Undoubtedly internships give you an edge over other fellow students when building up your portfolio, it also gives you hands-on experience in the domain you want to build your career. It provides you a closer and personal experience to something you love whether it be arts, adventures, engineering, or other 21st-century career domains. We have a few more reasons why to go for an internship in high school. 

1. To build a dazzling portfolio

Do you want to build a college application or a portfolio? To make it stand out, you need to include something exceptional to catch the eye of the admission office or your interviewer. Including an internship in your portfolio shows that you have hands-on experience that’s beyond the classroom. And you have real-world knowledge to stand out and you’re fit to adapt to any environment. 

2. Kick start your career

Internships allow you to get a glimpse of your future. You’ll be able to experience what exactly you’d be doing in your chosen field of career. It also helps you determine whether you want to see yourself doing this or not in the long term. If it’s not the one, you know the answer. You’ve time to switch and go for something you love doing. 

3. To gain real-world experience

Our education system or schools are not designed to help individuals gain real World experience. In an internship, you are exposed to a professional network and you’re expected to behave like one, rather than a school student. Interacting with co-workers, clients and dealing with real-world problems helps in your overall growth and you’ll eventually learn how your post-school life is going to be. 

4. Internship helps building a network

It’s the first interaction with the work environment for most of the students. While interning you meet other teammates, managers, and other professionals who share similar interests as yourself. You can learn and grow with them and find a mentor that can guide you on your pathway to Build your career. 

5. Earning cash rewards

So there are some Paid internship opportunities offered as well. In addition to valuable experience and certificates, you can get cash rewards for the work you do. It can help you with your daily expenses. 

Some internships may land you valuable scholarship opportunities that can help you reduce your university expenses. Awesome, isn’t it? 

Internship opportunities for high school students

Scheduling your time is a key factor while interning in high school. You’ll find yourself busy with your full-time school, sports, and extracurricular activities. Adding up one more time-consuming thing may seem impossible. Fortunately, there’s are a few clever ways students can find time without disrupting their daily schedule. 

Go for summer internships, campus ambassador programs that might work for you. Here are some opportunities that work well with high school. 

1. Interning at NGOs

you can find many paid and unpaid internships with NGOs. You’ll get real-world experience on how NGOs works. It gives you fresh perspectives you never knew you needed.  interning for NGO is not like interning for some startup or any organization. It is a whole different experience. Interns contribute here to create a difference. They see how their little effort can make an enormous impact in the lives of those who are dependent on others. Also, here they get to meet unique people.

2. Government Programs

Government offers various internship opportunities throughout the year. You can check out govt websites to find application details. Most of the govt internships are unpaid but you’ll get a lot of experience and of course a certificate to add to your portfolio. Government internships provide an opportunity to look into the working of Government and learn the mechanics of the internal system and also carry slightly higher value in your CV.

3. StartUp Internships

Startups are a great place for an internship because you get an immense amount of experience. You see how a startup is built from scratch. There are a lot of startups that provide internships in different domains. You can get internships in content writing. graphic designing, programming, tutoring, counseling, and many other fields of your choice. 

Here not only you’ll be helping out the startup, but they’ll help you out too. You can get professional feedback to showcase on your portfolio. Any student having entrepreneurial interest must join a startup.

How to find an internship in high school

Now you know the importance of having internships in your portfolio. Now here is the main thing, how you’re gonna find a suitable internship opportunity for you. First, you need to get a rough idea about the domain you want to intern in. Get a general idea of what you’d like to be doing and start your search journey.

Here OpenClass helps high-school students in connecting with the right opportunity. OpenClass offers a platform to showcase your achievements and helps you find the right internship program that suits your career goals. It also offers regular workshops to help you discover your career interests so keep using OpenClass.

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